Fundamental Golf and Learning Center LLC

Our Teaching Philosophy

At FUNdaMental Golf, we believe that everyone, regardless of age, or physical ability, can learn to play golf. To accomplish this we have developed a program of instruction that is easy to understand and be effective.

This program is based upon three elements:

  • The club needs to swing to create good golf shots
  • The golfer needs to learn how the club swings for the individual in order for it to be repeatable
  • The golfer needs to play by
H = Heart
E = Emotional Management
A = Authentic Swing
R = Rhythm & Balance
T = Tempo & Timing

WE help you play your best based on physical abilities, body type and personal goals. Fine-tuning the instruction to the person, rather than a teaching methodology, you will learn faster than you ever thought possible.

Our primary goal is to bring FUN into playing the game of golf. Each golfer has a different perception. For some it might be achieving a personal goal such as seeing how low you can go, others want to play without embarrassment, for some it might be the ability to play golf with family and friends on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon. Most golfer's FUN would be making better contact with the ball.

FUNdaMental Golf uses the latest video technology the V1 Swing Analysis Software to provide the student with the best visual teaching aid. More than mechanics we help the golfer develop a CORE golf swing through timing, tempo, rhythm and balance. The EMWAVE Personal Stress Reliever® is a basic tool we use for identifying and neutalizing unwanted emotions. You can learn to release a lot of disturbing feelings and stop their negative effect by doing the following simple steps:

  1. Notice and admit what you are feeling
  2. Try to name the feeling 
  3. Tell yourself to e-a-s-e as you gently focus in the heart, relax as you breathe, and e-a-s-e the stress out.
Along with the EMWAVE other techniques are used to help the student achieve peak performance, rather it is calming the first tee jitters, playing in your company golf tournament with your peers or simply playing golf for the first time.

If you are interested in learning to play ther game or improving your golf skills, then we guarantee that we can help you achieve your goals.